Guerin Rife Two Bar Hybrid Series Belly Putter

Guerin Rife 2-Bar Hybrid Belly Putter If you need some stability with your putting the Rife 2-Bar Hybrid Series Belly Putter can give you steadiness you require. It has a traditional belly putter stance that is similar to a regular putter in allowing you to maintain the correct motion and practice getting a good swing while having an extra balance point braced against your belly. It also has a unique 'mallet' head which contains adjustable weights so that you can match it to the green you are playing at any given moment.

The Rife 2-Bar Hybrid Series Belly Putter also has weighted rear bars that further improve the stability of your shot. Using this type of putter can help you avoid the yips. As you gain strength and stability in your swing you can gradually revert to a regular putter but the belly putter is better if you can conquer your putting troubles with it than a long putter because it allows you to keep the normal stance and use your wrists so you do not have to relearn putting stance.

Milled grooves in the Rife 2-Bar Hybrid Series Belly Putter also help to lift the ball and guide it steadily. This hybrid has a combined design that many golfers love from both the two bar belly putter and the Island Series Barbados and truly makes for a stable and easily lined up shot.

The four point stability provides an extremely long moment of inertia that gives its user greater forgiveness in the case of an off-center shot so that they can both enjoy their current game and learn in order to improve with each shot.

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Guerin Rife 2-Bar Belly Putter

Guerin Rife 2-Bar Belly Putter

Two bar belly putters like the Guerin Rife 2 Bar Belly Putter have the added advantage of giving you a visual for where the ball should hit the putter.

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