Ping Craz-e Belly Putter

Ping Craz-e Belly Putter The Ping Craz-e Belly Putter may live up to its name in looks but it sure isn't craz-e in its performance.

Designed with a wild looking high-tech head with a big kick back end and bar weight dead center this putter has a low center of gravity and lots of oomph behind its impact. The entire craz-e lineup of putters is made with the same exact precision ideas behind them but the belly putter adds the stability and support of the extra contact area at the midsection to make your stance as strong as can be. You will not have to change your putting stance to use this putter. If you have a tendency to slip out of the correct stance though, it will keep you where you belong.

An insert that covers the full face area provides a wide all encompassing sweet spot so that there is no 'bad' area to hit. Heel to toe these putters have super delivery. They are easy to aim and accurate. Using the Ping Craz-e Belly Putter feels natural right from the start and they are available for both right and left handed players. The alien-looking craz-e cavity back is long and wide which pulls the low center of gravity back even more for a better MOI and superior alignment.

Not only will the belly stance improve your stroke the wide bodied head of the Ping Craz-e Belly Putter keeps the club head level and straight at impact. These are ultra game improving putters that will shave off points from your game right from the start.

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