How To Use A Belly Putter

Belly Putter Technique Players who have begun to experience putting problems quickly see their handicap hit the ceiling. At those times smart golfers look for guidance. Belly putters are a great way to improve your putt and get your handicap back on track or improve it. It takes more than just putting down a few dollars to buy a belly putter. You have to know how to use a belly putter to get the most benefit from them. Once you learn a few simple tricks your game will get back on track and you will have a handicap you can be proud to boast once more.

Why Use a Belly Putter?

Many times golfers will feel like they are taking a step backwards when they think about using a belly putter. There is no reason to feel insecure about needing a little help with your putt even pros use belly putters in order to get the best performance from their putting. A good or bad putt can make or break a game and good golfers aren't too proud to use what they need to in order to get a good putt.

How to Use a Belly Putter

The biggest trick really is no trick at all. The first thing you need to concentrate on when learning how to use a belly putter is your stance. The main reason a belly putter is such a great aid is it demands you remain in a good putting stance. Over time it is easy to get sloppy and over-confident in your stance. Even if you have the best beginning stance it can get twisted during your swing and one of the biggest problems golfers of all levels experience is a phenomenon known around the club as the 'yips'. This happens when at the last moment before the contact a golfer experiences a jerk that twists the wrists and even a fraction of an inch can mean missing the hole by several feet.

When using a belly putter the golfer must stand correctly in order to get the placement of the handle directly in contact with their upper mid-section. The handle of the club should rest just a few inches above the waist with the hands typically locked in the traditional grip. The reason a belly putter is so effective is that when you have the handle of the club pressed into your mid-section it is impossible to twist during the swing without losing the position of the club. It keeps your shoulders squared and your wrists anchored firmly so you do know twist out of position or jerk at contact.

Tips for Using a Belly Putter

As you begin learning how to use a belly putter it is a good idea to set yourself up with a way to judge your swing during the period of adjustment. Place a string just above the ground that extends from behind the ball all the way to the hole and place yourself in the appropriate stance. Take a few swings. If the ball travels to the right you are approaching it with an open face and need to adjust yourself to hit the ball square. If it travels to the left you are swinging the club in with a closed face. As you learn the proper feel to get a good solid square hit the belly putter will be working to keep your body in the appropriate position.

Once you begin to experience the thrill of a perfect putt you will never want to return to the standard putter. You won't need to either because you will begin to see how many professionals all around you use these terrific putting aids to get that perfect game.

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